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Corporate events

If you hold corporate events and you want perfectly done transportation? Our company wit several years of tradition in the field of transportation. We offer complete transport service for individuals, agencies and companies. We have new air-conditioned cars VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT and OPEL which are ready 24 hours a day and they can depart for your pick-up in few minutes. You will appreciate this in urgent cases. Think on every detail of your corporate events.

We care for maximum safety and satisfaction of our passengers. Cars are completely non-smoking, regularly maintained. Drivers are true professionals, not only in driving but also in their behavior. They speak fluent English, so do not worry about the potential embarrassments or misunderstandings in the case of foreign visitors. We will take care of passengers perfectly, so the passenger transprtation during corporate event will be reliable and professional. We are fully aware that your satisfaction is our reputation.

Check the box for the Links on questions about how to transport people to your corporate events. Contact us with any inquiries.



If you hold regular meetings, you know that the satisfaction of visitors to decide every detail. Think therefore on everything. Our company has many years of tradition in the provision of passenger transport and offer you a complete and professional services in this area. We have modern, air-conditioned cars VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT and OPEL Vivaro, to ensure the transport of persons at your meetings, or anywhere where you want.

We take care of that travel was comfortable and safe. Our drivers are true professionals, both by their driving skills and overall demeanor. They speaks fluent English, so you can blithely entrust with your foreign visitors. We know that passenger transport is an important part of every meeting so we want to offer the best possible service there is, so that you and your visitors will be satisfied.

Ask us about the possibilities of transporting persons in your meetings or any other corporate or social gatherings and events.



Conferences are prestigious events and is therefore very important to ensure the professional background and all related services. A passenger transport is one of them. We offer a modern, safe cars with professional drivers who are willing to provide complete transportation services during the Congress.

Our fleet includes cars VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT and OPEL Vivaro, which are continuously available and can connect delegates and visitors to the congress, where necessary. Cars are non-smoking and air conditioned. The drivers speak English, so we can take care of foreign visitors without the need for an interpreter.

We pay attention to the high professionalism of our services because we know thats the only way we can be better then our competition. And only satisfied customers will be happy to use our services repeatedly, which is one of our main goals.

To ensure professional passenger for your congresses, please contact us. We will prepare an individual offer according to your needs and requirements



A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important life events for most of us. Therefore, it is planned well in advance to safeguard its perfect and smooth course. That is why we offer professional transportation of persons and the wedding guests during your wedding.

We have a modern and safe cars VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT and Mercedes Vito, which e will decorate and prepare for this unique, festive event completely according to your wishes. The drivers are true professionals who will quickly and safely transported you to your destination, and with their performing make your trip more pleasant.

We have years of experience in the transport of people and we know what our customers wants. We take care always at their maximum safety and satisfaction, which is the main motto of our company. That is why our customers use our services.

To ensure the transport of persons during your wedding, please contact us. We will prepare an individual offer.



Often you may find that you would like to be set off on a family trip, but for whatever reason do not have a car. Travelling by public transport is not always perfect and seamless. Therefore, we offer our cars and our service. For several years, we focus on passenger transport. We can thus offer a truly professional transportation for your trip.

We have modern, safe and air-conditioned cars, carefully maintained with non-smoking environment, so they are very suitable for families with children. For families we will happily prepare a child seat, so you really do not have to worry about anything. Our main goal is your utmost satisfaction and safety and to that we submit everything.

Our cars OPEL VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT VIVARO and are continuously available, so just call and within minutes we will be on our way to you. Drivers are true professionals that speaks fluent English, so do not worry about misunderstandings or embarrassments during your trips.

Contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions or prepare an offer to secure your family trip or business trip.



Would you liketo show your business partners, associates, and visitors your surroundings? We offer tours to meet your needs. We'll take you and your visits wherever you want and we will show you the most interesting places in the area.

Our company operates in the transportation of persons for several years. Our customers use our cars for different purposes. We provide not only service but also complete transportation of persons for families, corporate or social events.

We have a modern and safe cars VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT OPEL Vivaro and that are continuously available. Completely non-smoking cars, perfectly maintained, in order to go immediately after your call. Our drivers are absolute professionals that make your sightseeing tours worth it.

Contact us for information and conditions for your tours. We will be happy to answer any questions and prepare an individual offer according to your requirements.


Business Trips

Need to go on a business trip and you do not have a car or want a car for more passengers? Our company has several years of experience in the transportation of persons and offers comprehensive services in this area.

For your trips we offer a modern, safe cars VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT and OPEL Vivaro, which are equipped with air conditioning and are completely non-smoking. Cars are ready to leave for you in a few minutes after your call. So it is very convenient in case of an unexpected business trip or unplanned events. We are always available.

Our drivers are true professionals, both behind the wheel, and his demeanor. Drivers speaks fluent English, so without the slightest problem can accommodate foreign visitors. Our priority is your satisfaction and maximum safety. We know that in competitive enviroment can withstand only the best, therefore we would like to offer you the best, totally professional service for your business trip.

Contact us for information on how best to plan your business trip. We answer your questions and prepare an individual offer according to your requirements.

550 21 750 28

Trips offer:

We offer tours to the most visited places in the Czech Republic exclusive prices:

Theresienstadt - a concentration camp
prices from 2100, - CZK / 84 EUR (1 - 4 persons),

Karlstejn Castle
prices from 1800, - CZK / 92 EUR (1 - 4 persons)

Český Krumlov
prices from 4500,- CZK / 180 EUR (1 - 4 persons)

Kutná hora
prices from 2200,- CZK / 88 EUR (1 - 4 persons)

Zámek Konopiště
prices from 2000,- CZK / 80 EUR (1 - 4 persons)

(Prices are per car, more information can be found in the Trips Offer)

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